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I read this as someone who has started their first business within the last few months and am currently on a huge learning curve! I have a collection of business books but this is the first one that I have not only finished but also enjoyed.

It is easy to read and is full of useful hints and tips for the budding entrepreneur/business person. Down to earth and straight to the point as well as entertaining, this book is not patronizing nor baffling as so many other business related books are.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who already has a small business or is considering starting one. I shall be returning to this book from time to time to reacquaint myself with the tips!

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If you like your practical business advice served up with a side dish of humour, then this is the book for you. Tips to help you with your new and small business sit side by side with amusing anecdotes and zany asides. The author’s own business experience comes through clearly and makes his suggestions and observations about running your own business much more credible and easy to swallow than that of the usual business school guru. Well worth a read.

Clare Francis

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Anyone thinking about starting a business and any business owner, who wants to keep it real, should read this book.

We are bombarded by images about celeb entrepreneurs and their lifestyle. What real business owners want to know is ‘how do I survive’? If that sounds like you, then like me, you’ll find this book a great resource for ideas and business truths.

Tony Robinson OBE, does not only write about micro business, he has been a micro business owner for decades and helped thousands of business owners to get started and/or make better decisions.

I can recommend his book.

Stefan Topfer

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Often small businesses owners say to me, I wish I could talk to someone whose done it. Or they find advice from business advisors, “dry, patronizing, un-implementable and humourless”! Freedom from Bosses Forever is refreshing as it is none of these things. It is from Tony’s own experiences, good and bad, it is funny, yet serious at the same time, it is full of practical tips that business’ can utilise one at a time or as an actual growth plan. An inspirational read from someone who hasn’t just done it but is still doing it!

Emma Smallies

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Do you need to be like the folks on The Apprentice or wade through business books as dull as ditch water to earn a living on your own account? Thankfully not, and if you read this you’ll know why. It’s as funny and easy to read as it is packed with practical advice. I already recommend this to people at my local Enterprise Club. The only critical point I make to them is – think long and hard before you price any of your products and services as low as this!

Nigel H

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I have to admit, I was skeptical! I’ve never read any of Tony Robinson’s works before, and I don’t usually purchase a book based on reviews. I’m the type of person that buys the book because the first chapter hooks me. Well, I downloaded this to my Kindle and I skipped the stuff in the front (don’t worry, I went back and read it after I finished the book), and I dove into the first chapter.

The reader is introduced to someone called Leonora Soculitherz, and the story is told from her point of view. In bold, there are messages for the reader that teaches them how to be their own person and their own boss. It’s an enlightening book that had me laughing out loud at some points because I know people like the narrator mentions, and at other points I went `hmm’. I’ll tell you why I went `hmm’. It was because I had thought of some of this on my own as an entrepreneur, and yet I never actually exercised these tips. I will be starting now.

I can honestly give this book five stars because it is one of the most entertaining business books I have ever read. While some of the advice in this book might seem obvious to others, some entrepreneurs need to see it reiterated again as a refresher. To make a long review short, I highly enjoyed this book and recommend it to others!

Avid Reader

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FFBF might share a bookstore shelf with endless self-help tomes for the unhappily or marginally employed, but the resemblance ends on page one. The bold-type Leonorisms are valuable, actionable, and inspiring tips for anyone considering self-employment. Readers might be tempted to skip from one of these to the next, but Tony’s surprisingly good prose (or that of his celebrity alter ego) should keep all but the most time-poor glued.

Hidden behind `Leonora’s’ wit and wisdom, there is a lifetime’s worth of experience (and weariness) dealing with the government’s business support infrastructure: Tony Robinson OBE is, after all, an escaped insider of the small business support circuit. Government, he explains, has a duty to facilitate support for early stage enterprise but its incentives are aligned towards endless re-runs of generic `SME’ policy – a catch-all term disguising support for only a limited number of established businesses. You can’t count on it for help. Look instead to your more successful peers for inspiration and advice – not celebrity entrepreneurs but everyday businesspeople who’ve made it out of the rat race.

E. Schizas

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If you only ever buy this book about starting your own business, you won’t regret it. If you buy any others, then add this one to the list!

Ms N. Jones

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There is a wealth of knowledge which Tony shares through his humour, and his experience and passion for business. This is a refreshing real guide if you are thinking of leaving the grind of a salary for the freedom and challenge of enterprise. Tony is a mine of well researched information but he delivers it in story form so the lessons are memorable. I love it and still chuckle to myself when I think of the practical advice. I loved it, you will too along with your friends and your family and even your bank manager.

Janice B.

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Make no mistake! Freedom from Bosses Forever is a serious book about small business development. True, the treatment of the topic is jovial and the text is peppered with anecdotes and good jokes. But what is clear is that what’s in front of us is a uniquely rich material reflecting the experience of a seasoned entrepreneur and business support practitioner.

The number of self-employed people in the UK is 4.2m and will soon reach the 4.5m mark. Yet so little is written about the experiences of single person businesses. I congratulate Mr Robinson for unashamedly putting forward the perspective of micro businesses; the plumbers, electricians, caterers, freelance bookkeepers, therapists, shop owners, IT specialists and independent consultants, who day in and day out generate trading income to put bread on the table, get their children through university, pay taxes and provide valuable services in the communities where they work and live. No doubt high growth businesses and technology companies deserve our attention and support but the army of the self employed, who stay small but keep themselves in a job and in many cases support others to stay in employment, also deserve our support and admiration, particularly now when just keeping your head above water is a resounding achievement.

Freedom from Bosses Forever is a refreshing take on entrepreneurship counterbalancing academics’ and politicians’ bias on high growth businesses and technology companies as well as those cartoon-like portraits of businesspeople the media is so fond of. If we are serious about supporting small businesses we need many more authors – scholars, advisers and entrepreneurs – like Tony Robinson, engaging in a dialogue with micro businesses, analysing their experiences and publishing their stories to build a body of learning materials that actually makes sense to small entrepreneurs.

Armando Pardo

Executive Director, ACBBA

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