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Here are twelve of my poems which seem to have been the most liked over the years. There are over 130 poems in all, written between the ages of 16 to 62 – most I can’t bear to even read now because poetry is raw emotion innit, like? Hope you like them.


Time is my train
On my seat is a number
My window gobbles
Sights seen and forgotten

My number is passed on
To the next passenger
On the next trip
People get ready

Flying is faster
On light nights
In the summer time
Dark winter nights
Fear of bends

On my table I play
Snakes and ladders
And pick-up sticks
Chewing and dropping
Jigsaw pieces

On the way out
I shout really LOUD
I will not
Turn it off
Go away
Go to the next carriage
Or disembark

Video of Tony Reading Time is My Train


Wow! He does look old now
Spotlight on silver hair
Pink cheeks puffed below
Reading glasses.

Wow! He does look old now
Start gets a laugh
Collar looks tight on
Talking head

Wow! He does look old now
One hand fiddles whilst
The other grips tight
Squeezing time

Wow! He does look old now
Slivers of sweat from
Forehead to nose drops
Wetting lips

Wow! He does look old now
Lost in his notes
Rushing to finish
Clapping respectfully

Wow! He does look old now
Back to his seat
Safe in his job
Earning living

Pictures up to 2010 052


Pierces and wired for sound scream up, down, round and round
Laughing policemen scare as sucking slots are stuffed senseless
Rednecks gaze and gobble on scarred seats, in memoriam
Yellow stained thumbs scorch in smoking cans or sodden sand
Hip hats, wobbly vests and saggy shorts flip flop by
Shades in deckchairs lined in black and white of gore and guilt
The sign says “enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think”.

Lazy, snuggled bodies stretch and sigh
Tupperware treats on car seats
Ice cream noses and candy floss hair
Sticky hands touch and squeeze
Yachts crewed by dandy dudes
City slickers sup and surf
Bright, light, blue, pink and orange
Friendly waves kiss sandy toes
Reflections giggle back
See them play.

Video of Tony Reading Seaplay

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