Tony's Poetry

Here are twelve of my poems which seem to have been the most liked over the years. There are over 130 poems in all, written between the ages of 16 to 62 – most I can’t bear to even read now because poetry is raw emotion innit, like? Hope you like them.

All Rather Colourful

The lights were red
My mind said go
My legs led
The road slowed

I streamed my thoughts
They gave no clue
Flying high
Tied up too

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One Year As a schoolboy Twice I came Third In the shot put Third sucks Third hurts Third Is nowt to write home about 4 Sportspeople, musicians, politicians, applicants, customers, competitors, trades people, actors, barristers &...

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Getting There (a blues song)

(a tip of the fedora to John Lee Hooker)

How, how, how, how
Well, well, well, well

Boom, boom, boom, boom
Gonna shoot you right down
Right off your feet
Take away all you got
Chop, chop, chop, chop

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