Tony's Poetry

Here are twelve of my poems which seem to have been the most liked over the years. There are over 130 poems in all, written between the ages of 16 to 62 – most I can’t bear to even read now because poetry is raw emotion innit, like? Hope you like them.

How Many More Times?

I’m right aren’t I?
Yet again
I knew this would happen
You do this every time
Open your eyes
For once
Engage brain
Wind me up
Why not?
You know how to get me going
Do I deserve this?
Well, I’m not going to stand for it
Much longer
You can think yourself lucky
This is it


iPhone is intuitive technology
I power off
iSaw there’s a vibrator that the partner remote controls
I daren’t
iGaming is addictive for euphoria seekers
I prefer stacking chips on 17
iSounds through earphones silence nature
I don’t go in for naturism
iDinners seem to be mostly vegetarian
I wouldn’t kill for tofu
iExplore landscapes and mindscapes daily
I never know where
iContact often delights and there are no eyes in facebook
I can laugh, love and scream silently
There’s an app for that



As a schoolboy
I came
In the shot put
Third sucks
Third hurts
Is nowt to write home about
Sportspeople, musicians, politicians, applicants, customers, competitors, trades people, actors, barristers

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