Q: Freedom from Bosses Forever, is a hilarious combination of fiction and non-fiction. It includes a fictional story line as well as dozens and dozens of practical business tips. What inspired this very unique book?

A: I’ve always wanted to write satire ever since I read Swift and Melville and then the humour of Wodehouse and Kington. I think it is a unique book but it has been 10 years in the making. It comes from having written a number of self-help guides and business books in the past and realising that fiction, humour and a story can really help readers get to the end of the book. Very few people do finish business and self-help books. 10 years ago we were celebrating the 18th anniversary of our business with a swish event at the Café Royal in London.

For our 200 guests I wrote a book called ‘Buzzing with the Entrepreneurs’ using a fictional narrator Leonora Soculitherz. Fashionista, Leonora Soculitherz insults me throughout the book. ‘Buzzing’ got such a good reaction that I then wrote in the same style, with the same fictional characters, a satirical business book called ‘Stripping for Freedom’. ‘Freedom from Bosses Forever’ is a much improved and enhanced version of ‘Stripping for Freedom’ and  most  reviewers and critics say it’s my best work.

I’m the only non-fictional character in it but there are serious messages in it. As one global entrepreneur, Stefan Topfer, said ‘It’s the funniest, hard hitting business book that is absolutely full of business truth’.

Q: Summarise what readers will get out of the book?

A: Most readers say that they laughed a lot, thought a lot and, by the end of the book, have assimilated  a great many business tips. There are over 80 practical ‘own business’ tips in the book but even if you’re not looking to escape the rat race, and gain freedom from bosses forever, it is a good read and a feisty satire especially targeting politicians and gurus.

Q: If you had to choose only ONE tip from your book to “tease” readers with, which one would it be?

A: It would be: “Belief and passion for what you do transmits itself to new and existing customers. It makes business building through credible selling and high-quality supply much easier. Doing what you know and love is important.”

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