Professional Speaker on Enterprise – or Silly Old Git? 

My time at Amway UK (1981-1986) really lifted my professional speaking into a different league. I joined as HR Director and became CEO two years later – it led to me speaking in major arenas and conference venues throughout the UK, Europe and US. The highlight being when we did our Annual Convention to 10000 people at the NEC – twice in a day. 

Since starting our own business in September 1986, speaking, facilitation and broadcast engagements have been an important part of our opportunity to communicate our views on the importance of enterprise and how to increase the engagement with, survival and growth rates of new businesses. 

Being a speaker is a quite lonely business which usually means a sleepless night in a hotel somewhere before the event, lots of fuss being made of you in the time before you speak as it’s important you speak well. It’s also food and alcohol free whilst I’m working but I do have both chocolate and red wine soon after being off duty. 

Then after I’ve spoken, taken the applause and, hopefully, given great value for my fee – it often feels the loneliest place in the world. 

Then, hopefully, from that speaking engagement the next enquiry will come in. Every audience deserves new preparation and I always put all my energy into making it a unique experience. My views are heartfelt and I feel I know my subject as well as anyone in the world. What a big head eh? 

There’s a fine line between looking a tad different in my trademark fedoras and being a silly old git – I may have crossed that line!

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