Tony Robinson OBE

Tony co-founded, the Enterprise Rockers Community Interest Company, with the fabulous Tina Boden, in January 2012. This allows him to speak and write on global issues about how to make life better for micro business owners.

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Since 1986 his other enterprise, which he founded with his best friend, Clare Francis, the Business Advisory Bureau Limited now has Tina Boden, co-founder of Enterprise Rockers, as Managing Director and Nigel Hudson as Director responsible for Research and Learning. The Business Advisory Bureau Limited specialises in helping large organisations engage with and supply micro (0-9 employees) enterprises. They are proud to have many global leading corporations as their clients as well as many government departments and agencies.

Tony has also gained extensive experience in guiding and coaching individuals who want to go it alone as independent professionals. Many are executives facing redundancy or just desperate to cut the chains of the corporate cubicle. They or their organisations’ choose to pay the Business Advisory Bureau Limited as a high quality, private sector alternative to government funded start up support.

Tony is regarded by his peers as one of the UK’s leading experts on enterprise – promotion, policy, skills and development. He was honoured to receive from Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace, in 2001, an OBE for services to small firms and training.  In 2012 he received from the IAB, at the House of Commons, a Lifetime Achievement Award for Enterprise. In late 2013 he received from Start Your Business magazine another Lifetime Achievement Award for Enterprise. Tony is the founder (1996) and co-owner of the Government recognised Sector Skills Body – SFEDI Group and is co-founder and co-owner of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs.

He tries to bring humour into all his speaking engagements and writing on how to ‘get enterprise’. He has spoken at over 140 enterprise and entrepreneurship conferences in the UK and overseas. He is the author of seven books of which this is the latest. He writes blogs and articles on enterprise for many global publications including and

Leonora Soculitherz

The mythical, Soculitherz (single celebrity name like Madonna, Cher, Rihanna, Beyonce and Batman) is a Canadian fashionista, investigative journalist and author of this, ‘the funniest book on enterprise’. Soculitherz is also a Global Ambassador for the Enterprise Rockers Community. This community and campaigning movement is free, informal, independent and makes life better for micro-enterprises everywhere. See

(Leonora) Soculitherz was born in Ottawa and graduated in English and Canadian Literature from Toronto University. In 1990 she married the famous English cellist and composer Gerard Brown and settled in London. Her first book, published in 1991, was a manual for self discovery and fulfilment called ‘Enhancing Life in Lemon or Peach’. This had sufficient success for Leonora to begin weekly columns on fashion, self fulfilment and nutrition in a number of journals and magazines.

Separated from Gerard Brown, after a well publicised and televised incident, with a bow, during Elgar’s Cello Concerto in 1992, Leonora moved to Corfu. It was in Corfu that she wrote her best selling and Kanawa International Book prize winning first novel, ‘The Edible Desire’. This was hailed as a classic of ‘magical realism’ and was quickly followed up by ‘Bong in the Orange Grove’, which was made into the film ‘Sweet Oranges, Bitter Lemons’.

In the early noughties, seeming to tire of the book and film promotion circuit, Soculitherz was heard more on radio, back in England once again. She hosted her own popular, weekly Country and Cajun Music show and also did special interviews of famous personalities from the worlds of show business, politics, sports and business, particularly on the causes of their ‘inner drive’. She continued to write for the quality press and published her autobiography ‘Over Strung and Under Nourished’ at the end of 2002.

In 2004 Soculitherz worked for the first time with Tony Robinson OBE to write her first book on best business practice entitled ‘Buzzing with the Entrepreneurs’. She called the experience ‘unforgettable’ and has been seen infrequently in the UK since. In 2009, enticed by a large advance, she agreed to collaborate with Robinson, for a maximum of forty days. The result was ‘Stripping for Freedom’, now updated, by Robinson, and published as this book, ‘Freedom from Bosses Forever’.

In late 2014 when the improved paperback edition of ‘Freedom from Bosses Forever’ was published the reclusive Soculitherz placed an advert in the Toronto Gazette which stated:

“I, Soculitherz, wish it to be placed on public record that Tony Robinson OBE is an imbecile. Further, I wish it to be known that he is no longer my European agent nor is his cousin, Nord Baldrick, my Scandinavian agent.  Anyone coming into contact with Robinson (and why would you?) should spill drink and throw food over him as he has done to me on many occasions.  Unfortunately, as he has no style, his clothes are worthless, but mine weren’t. Do not bother to speak to him as his response will be unintelligible – I failed to understand a word he wrote or spoke in my time with him.  I want no part in ‘Freedom from Bosses Forever – the man is a joke.”

Men's Fashion Faux Pas

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Canadian fashionista, celebrity journalist and co-author of ‘Freedom from Bosses Forever’ (with me), offers her tips on what not to wear – if you’d like to have some company from time to time.

Although the Soculitherz Incredible Choco-Wine Diet doesn’t feature in Freedom from Bosses Forever it is by far the most talked about diet on social media. Combining wine and chocolate has many proven health benefits and it’s easy to do.

By popular request Tony put together a Pinterest page full of tips, recommendations and recipes to satisfy devotees of the Choco-Wine diet’s every need. On the Pinterest boards there is Soculitherz Male Fashion Faux Pas and 4 boards of Tony’s covering Sporting Heroes, Theatre and Concerts, Favourite Books and Enterprise Rockers.

Choco-Wine Diet


Canadian nutritionist, fashionista and investigative reporter, Soculitherz, (Leonora Soculitherz but single celebrity name like Rihanna, Beyonce, Cher, Madonna and Batman) is as famous for this revolutionary diet as her best selling books, such as ‘Freedom from Bosses Forever’. Pinned here is the forensic evidence of why her choco-wine diet raises the bar.

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