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All Rather Colourful

The lights were red
My mind said go
My legs led
The road slowed

I streamed my thoughts
They gave no clue
Flying high
Tied up too

“Never do anything in your own business which means you have to cross the street to avoid someone.”


Men's Fashion Faux Pas

VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100

Canadian fashionista, celebrity journalist and co-author of ‘Freedom from Bosses Forever’ (with me), offers her tips on what not to wear – if you’d like to have some company from time to time.

Choco-Wine Diet


Canadian nutritionist, fashionista and investigative reporter, Soculitherz, (Leonora Soculitherz but single celebrity name like Rihanna, Beyonce, Cher, Madonna and Batman) is as famous for this revolutionary diet as her best selling books, such as ‘Freedom from Bosses Forever’. Pinned here is the forensic evidence of why her choco-wine diet raises the bar.



The first two books I wrote with Soculitherz as the author were ‘Buzzing with the Entrepreneurs & Stripping for Freedom’, most readers didn’t realise she was a fictional character & that I or Nord Baldrick (Scandinavian) are not her agent. So, in ‘Freedom from Bosses Forever’ I make it clear that it’s a satire but I hope the Soculitherz banter with me is just as funny now the secret is out. Here’s a page of videos of extracts from the book & explanations on radio shows.



Tony’s practical, humorous, best selling book ‘Freedom from Bosses Forever’ has received hundreds of excellent reviews and is rated 5 stars by readers on Amazon. It has been Start Your Business Magazine’s Book of the Month and nominated in 2014 for Small Business Book of the Year.

On January 11th 2019 over one million micro business owners will be giving at least eleven minutes  – #IGave11 – to help other micro business owners survive and thrive. If you didn’t know that then, where have you been? It is a day of Recognition, Action and Learning on the same themes as this year #Customers, #Cashflow and #Chat.

We’ll interview one hundred business owner guests and live broadcast/stream their ‘business tips’ for eight hours. Famous friends of #MicroBizMattersDay attending include: Penny Power OBE, Charlie Mullins OBE, Chris Percival, Laura Henry and Tim Campbell MBE

Everything you need to know for #MicroBizMattersDay AND HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED is on the continually updated

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