Preface by Tony

‘Loose Cannon’ takes place over the last quarter of 2011 through to the summer of 2012, when the London Olympic Games feature.

‘Loose Cannon’ took me five years, off and on, to write. It is a psychological thriller with most of the action based in London and Malta, where I lived for a year. Whilst I hope that the plot will not change in the finally published version, I am keen to take feedback from readers, particularly about what they like and don’t like about the characters. Even just a comment on whether you like the cover design is very helpful.

The first seven chapters of ‘Loose Cannon’ are available to read and comment on. There are 11 chapters in total and the last 4 chapters include the London Olympics 2012. After the August 2016 Olympics the whole book will be rewritten taking into account your comments on the first 7 chapters. Thank you for your help – together we’ll create something great.

Copyright Tony Robinson OBE 2015

The moral right of the author has been asserted

All characters are fictitious

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Chapter One: Number 6

Chapter Two: Missing in Action

Chapter Three: The Lord Chamberlain’s Men

Chapter Four: Backstage Nerves

Chapter Five: It’s All Bin Laden’s Fault

Chapter Six: The Aristocrats

Chapter Seven: Men In Women’s Clothing

Chapter Eight: Where the Elite Meet To Eat

Chapter Nine: Super Saturday

Chapter Ten: Final Solution

Chapter Eleven: Dealer Takes All

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